The Halal Guys

Project details

My partners and I are the largest franchisee for The Halal Guys - the iconic street food brand based in New York City.

Our territory spans Orange and Los Angeles Counties; we currently own and operate nine locations; and our enterprise runs at $15M-$20M annually.

Fun story behind this project: In 2016, I was still Senior Director at Fransmart, the firm that helped The Halal Guys turn their food carts into a franchise company (I was there for ten years); so I had early access to the brand before anyone else #legalinsidertrading

While working with the brand, I looked around my local area and the global marketplace, and saw that everybody was doing pizza, burgers, coffee, etc…

But there were no clear leaders in the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean food space.

So, I asked my boss Dan Rowe for permission to “double-dip” (help them grow AND become a franchisee) - and with his blessing, I built a team, we flew to New York City to get approved, we raised a fund, and the rest is history.

The Halal Guys SoCal Instagram

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