Franchises sold
Countries operated in

Paul Tran is an entrepreneur and advisor in the franchise and restaurant space.

Among his career milestones, he’s:

  1. Co-founded and exited a full service seafood restaurant
  2. Sold over 1,000 franchises
  3. Enabled a company to go public
  4. Scaled restaurants in over 15 countries
  5. Helped a one-unit mom-and-pop business get acquired by a public company; and
  6. Allowed companies become more profitable and enjoyable

Today, he:

  1. Consults emerging restaurant chains on growth;
  2. Is the largest franchisee of The Halal Guys, with 9 stores in Southern California and $15 million in annual revenue;
  3. Invests in construction, data, business services, and other food startups.
  4. Writes a personal development and entrepreneurship newsletter called Eff Around & Find Out;
  5. Hosts a YouTube and podcast channel called the Unfocused Show
  6. Tinkers in all sorts other projects

He lives in Orange County with his wife, two kids, and two dogs; and enjoys traveling and dad jokes.

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