Roll Em Up

Project details

It’s the first, only, and rapidly-growing taquito chain. 

Where other restaurants have: 

  1. Too wide of a menu = higher food costs, complexity in operations, customer overwhelm;
  2. No innovation or uniqueness; and
  3. Food that just doesn't taste good…

….Founders Ryan and Tiff Usrey focus on a few items and execute them at a high level.

What's the result?

* Smaller and more flexible stores (700sqft - 1,200sqft)

* Cheaper build-out costs

* Happier franchisees who want to build more stores

* Happier staff who can focus on serving customers better

* Better unit economics than most QSR and fast casual concepts

I’ve been asked to help their franchising growth.

I don’t normally engage in long-term advisory roles; but because of their unique offering, early-stage growth, and smart investments in leadership (including management from In-N-Out Burgers and Raising Cane’s), I begged them to keep me on lol!

They have all of the makings of the next big brand. 

I wrote a piece on its similarities to Raising Cane’s success. Hope you find it insightful. 


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